Banner Exchange

A warm welcome to my Banner Exchange page.

A few conditions I have made for the banner-exchange with my blog. They are quite easy to understand and I hope not too 'problematic' for anyone. I recommend reading these conditions:


  1. Mutual Interest

    I would like to make this thing very clear, a banner that one wishes to be shown here must have something for me in return. What I mean is, if I add your banner then my banner too must be shown on your blog or website. Those who won't comply to this, their banner will be removed.
  2. Content

    Since I'm not responsible for what content you share on your blog, thus it hardly matters what type of content your blog has(Just for kids, Adult, Videos, Music, Pics, Promotional, etc.). But I would like to say please don't share hateful(racist, or targeting some community or person) content, I won't put such banners here.
  3. Language

    No problem with any language blogs. I am happy to exchange links with everyone, but make sure the content is not hateful.
  4. Landing URL

    The landing url of your banner must be a simple url. It should not be any "shortened-url" or any "redirecting url" or any "advertisement/referral link". Though your page may contain advertisements, no problem! :)
  5. What kind of banner code?

    The banner code must be simple html code with an img and an anchor tag. It should not be any javascript since I cannot be sure of the security in such case.

As far as I think the conditions and all are complete. But I may add/update/delete them, so be sure you read them. Apart from that, adding your banner here or not is my own will, and if you request any add, please give me a time of 48 hours to review your request. I want this much time for the reason that sometimes I am unable to visit my blog for a day or two, since I am a busy student, and also I must make sure you have added my banner to your website/blog.

The code of my banner is below. Simply copy-paste this without changes at your blog.

Only after you add my banner, I will add yours. The request is to be made as a comment on this page.

Your comment should be of the type:

Blog Name:
Blog URL:
Banner Code:

Banners of my friends:

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